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Looking For A ‘Shower Partner?’ – By Vincent J. Zuzow

Tomorrow morning, just as you get ready to hop in the shower, look around for a partner to join in the water-fest!  That’s right, grab one of your favorite plants like a spider plant and bring it in with you.  When you think about it, your houseplants don’t get the natural wind to ‘dust’ the leaves, or the rain shower that outdoor plants do, so the leaves of indoor house plants can accumulate small dust particles that will build up over time and diminish the amount of light that gets to the leaves, and the amount of air that will be available to your plant.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Do not over water your plant – Some plants like to be kept very dry for periods of time before being watered (like the spider plant in my example).  These plants will usually show you they need water by exhibiting droopy leaves and possibly a minor amount of browning of the leaf tips.  Once they get to this stage, it’s off to the shower for a refreshing aqua-spa-rejunvination!

Be careful of the water temperature – Just think of climbing into an ice cold shower first thing in the morning.  Yikes!  Your plant may react the same way to overly hot water.  If you’re a person that likes near scalding water in the shower, try backing off on the hot for the sake of the plant or plants.

Be careful not to trip over the potted plant – A good place for the plant is in the front of the tub or shower stall.  The water spray will most often be reflecting off of the shower curtain, the walls and you – creating a softer spray or mist. More importantly, you will always know where the pot is, and will not bump into it, causing you to loose your balance.  If you have any hesitancy remember: “when in doubt, leave it out.”  Better not to risk injuring yourself.

If you have a hand-held shower massager like the Delta Faucet 75700 Universal 7-Setting Handshower or the Peerless 76950 2-in-1 Shower System, make sure the massage feature is not turned on.  Too strong of a water spray can damage sensitive foliage and create unnecessary stress for your little green friend.

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