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About Me – PA Farm Boy Moves To The Big City!

Gardening is my hobby and one of my passions!  As a child, I grew up on a 127 acre farm in rural Pennsylvania.  During those years I milked cows, fed the livestock, ran in the fields, climbed trees, went skinny-dippin’ in the local quarry and tended to our families somewhat substantial garden.  I picked (and ate) fresh tomatoes, green beans, peas and corn.  Life was good, and I learned all of the basics and a lot of secrets from my father, and my grandparents that came from the ‘old world’.

In my teens, I moved north to Michigan where I now live.  It wasn’t until I was a young man that my interest turned to flower gardening and ornamental shrubs used in landscape design.  While raising my family of 4 children, I began a landscape business that involved maintenance as well as landscape design, installation and removal.  I have been an avid gardener for over 30 years and love every minute I can spend in my Earthen Garden!

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