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Hot Water Lobster: Saves Water, Energy and Money! – By Vincent J. Zuzow

So, you wake up in the morning, and you’re running late.  You head for the shower, and turn on the hot water full blast. But, instead of hot water, you get cold.  You can’t afford to wait – you’re late!  Unfortunately, you’re stuck standing there, waiting for the water to eventually get warm, so that you can jump in.  As if to add insult to injury, you watch helplessly as gallon after gallon of perfectly good, clean water goes swirling down the drain, like quarters rolling into an open sewer grate on a city street!  What a wast of time, energy, water and money!

You are finally in the shower, and as you lather up the soap, you grumble “There’s got to be a solution to all of this!” You’re right, there is!  It’s an ingenious concept of introducing a recirculating loop sometimes referred to as an on-demand pump. Let’s examine the most unique and energy-effecient of these devices – one with a funny name called the “Hot Water Lobster”.


Funny Name – Serious Savings

The “Hot Water Lobster” is a tested, reliable device that has but one purpose; saving water.  The mechanism gets hard plumbed between your hot and cold water pipes, usually at the furthest point from the hot water tank in your water supply line.  The principle of the device is simple, but clever and dead-on efficient.  A thermostat placed between the hot and cold pipes senses when the hot water in the hot water line cools below a user-determined temperature.  When the once-hot water does get too cool, the valve inside the “Hot Water Lobster” opens to circulate the cooled water into the cold water pipe; thus preventing the cooled once-hot water from being let out of the tap, and down the drain.  Pretty clever, eh?

At this point, a thermo reaction automatically takes place within the water lines and hot water tank.  The hot water from your hot water tank slowly begins to circulate toward the open valve in the “Hot Water Lobster”, and brings the nice hot water right up to the hot water tap where it belongs. When the hot water and hot water tap meet, all is right with the world!  The next person that walks up the the sink or shower, will get hot, or acceptably warm water (depending on how long since the water was used last), and not a blast of ice cold water running down the drain.  All of this ‘magic’ takes place without you lifting one finger, or having to even think about the process.  I call that pretty awesome!

Look, Ma – No Electric

Water circulating devices have been on the market for some time - the “Hot Water Lobster” has been sold since 2003.  Other circulation devices exist, mostly in the form of electric circulation pumps.  The significant difference among these solutions is that the “Hot Water Lobster” requires no electricity.  That’s a very big deal for locations that would be difficult to run electricity to.  No wiring means less expense and more savings for you.  Not only no electrical expense for installation, but no electrical operating expense either.  The water movement is accomplished when a thermo reaction takes place between the hot and cold water temperatures within the water lines.  Saving on electricity is a good thing.  Go green!

Save Water – Save The Planet

As many of us have come to realize that we cannot keep taking from the earth, and wasting our natural resources, saving precious water is a no-brainer.  Why would you want to dump thousands of gallons of water down the drain if it can be avoided?  Now that you know how you can avoid water waste, and have more hot water ready on demand, check out this low-cost solution at or Hot Water Pronto! Buy the Hot Water Lobster Today!  Saving the planet by saving water is not only a trendy thing to do, it’s the right thing to do!

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