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The World Is Your Garden! – By Vincent J. Zuzow

For some people there is nothing more exhilarating than the beauty of nature abounding right outside their door. The lush greens, the vibrant colors, the rich textures! The smell of fresh earth; the tranquillity of a garden! But, what if you live in an apartment or a condominium where there isn’t any room? What if you live in a mobile home, or simply do not have the space for a proper garden in your yard? The answer may be as simple as a few clay pots, and few hours of time after work or on a weekend!

Containers offer 'movable beauty'!

A gardening technique known as Container Gardening is gaining popularity for some of the reasons mentioned above. In addition, it is finding favor with a whole new generation of would-be gardeners that cannot find the time for a larger all-at-one-time garden. A large block of time to devote to your Earthen Garden may be not practical for someone seemingly always one the go, but one or two pots of flowers in an afternoon or evening is doable, and it’s fun!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! How do you plant a ‘Container Garden’ ? One pot at a time! By breaking the process down to a series of small containers, you will be able to fit your gardening around your work and social schedules. Plant a little tonight; plant a pot or two this weekend – before you know it, you have a beautiful display of your favorite plants, flowers, herbs and veggies!

So, how do you begin? It’s easy, and can cost nothing at all with a little practical ingenuity and – as Ringo sang it – “a little help from your friends”! First gather some containers together. Look around the house, the garage, and ask friends or relatives to check their stock as well. Chances are someone will have some pots they aren’t using and will be happy to donate to the cause. Clay pots are great because they absorb moisture and retain it well. But metal, ceramic, wicker and plastic can also be used with superb results. Make sure the pots have drainage holes in the bottom – otherwise your plants will become ‘drowned’ by the excess build-up of water. If you find your pots don’t have drainage holes, the pot was probably intended for an external decorative use only, try using another pot.

The next step is adding soil. I’ll bet some of the pots you found, or were given by aunt Grace had soil in them already. Chances are reusing that soil will be just fine. It’s best to remove the soil from the original pot (even if you plan to use the same pot with the same soil), and break it up with your hands or a small hand trowel. Breaking the soil makes it easier for the new plants to take root. Remove any old roots and fill your pot about two thirds full of soil. A word to the wise, do not use common clay dirt as your soil. Clay retains too much water, and can also be very difficult for the new plants to survive in.

Your Earthen Garden is almost ready! All that is left is to add your favorite plants, fill the pot to about 1 inch below the rim of the container, and water generously! Container gardens can only draw their moisture from within the container, so make sure to keep an eye on the moisture content of the soil. As long as there is good drainage – making sure you see water flowing out of the bottom of the pot – don’t be afraid to water.

Place your container garden on the front porch, patio, deck, stoop, along the walkway or driveway or anyplace of your choosing. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of your Earthen Garden!

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