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Detroit’s Big Day For Blooms! – By Vincent J. Zuzow

On Sunday May 16th 2010, Detroit’s Eastern Market once again played host to the annual plant sale event of the year; Flower Day. An excess of 150,000 plant lovers

Eastern Market 'Flower Day' 2010

Eastern Market 'Flower Day' 2010

find their way through the streets of Detroit’s Eastern Market area to seek

out everything from hard-to-find specimens that will add a unique flair to their Earthen Garden to the more common fillers that will bring a tried and true look to the back yard.

Many regular shoppers to the annual event knew to bring their own wagons, baskets and shopping carts to carry the flats of posies, but for those that needed a four-wheeled helper; not to worry, there were rental carts available for a modest price of $5 an hour from a street vendor.

Shoppers of all ages were in attendance. Everyone couldn’t help but have a great time with the magnificent weather, abundance of food and incredible deals on vegetables, trees, shrubs and of course the hot ticket of the day – flowers!

Young girl helps mom with the 'Flower Wagon' on 'Flower Day' at Eastern Market, Detroit, MI...

Helping mom with the 'Flower Wagon' at Eastern Market...

What goes great with flowers? Music and food, of course, and there were plenty of both on this ‘Flower Day’! The air was thick with the sweet aroma from open-air grilling. Several food vendors served the masses ribs, chicken and shrimp all grilled to perfection along with the traditional fare of burgers and hot dogs.

Music was featured at the gazebo as well as in the main thoroughfare with artists like Alfonso Lawrence playing acoustic guitar and singing top-40 and R&B hits. I checked in with a couple of DJs at 1345 Division Street.

Street dancers at 1345 Division Street.

Street dancers at 1345 Division Street.

The street was blocked off and rockin’ to techno and dance music. Dancers were in the street ‘bustin’ a move’ to the beat while shoppers were buying used vinyl LPs and custom-made ‘T’ shirts at the store. I saw lots of smiles…

Flats of Marigolds

Flats of Marigolds


From Riopelle Street all the way to Chrysler Drive there were shoppers galore!

To Be Continued…

The crowds loved the selection at the Belleville Nursery booth

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